Who you are BEING is everything…

At the end of 2021, I read a book called ‘The Ultimate Coach’… a book that was so powerful, so hypnotic and spoke to every part of my being. A book I would then go on to read and listen to countless number of times over and over. Each time reading for me.

This book is written about Steve Hardison and I knew I was destined to meet him… to work with him.

Except there was a slight catch. He is based in Phoenix, Arizona and you can only coach with him in person, at his house, in Phoenix, Arizona….

And I wanted to create the possibility for me to coach with him…

What initially seemed impossible… why would you go all the way to Arizona (over 5000 miles) to meet a coach… I wanted to create that as an experience for myself, to invest in myself, to commit to giving myself that gift.

I created a dedicated savings pot and every single day since experiencing that book for the first time, reading it for me, I added to that pot… I committed, I created that pull to make things happen.

When I could see I had enough to go, I then made the choice to commit to using the money for this, to resist the fear. That’s what I had set out to do and that’s what I’m doing. I’d made that internal commitment to myself and there was no going back, there was no way I wasn’t going to do this. 

I had some setbacks and more importantly I had plenty of signs… The most memorable being when on a trip to my hometown in Wales, I saw a single image of an exclamation mark in a shop window. Steve’s symbol.

In fact, that was my call to say do it… and I contacted Steve.

Then back in January this year, just over a year in the making, I flew out to Phoenix, Arizona…. to BE with The Ultimate Coach. My session was at 10am on 30th January 2023.

And wow what a journey that was, and what a journey it’s been since.

I ran two live Rebecca’s Room’s – links below (parts 1 and 2), where I talk about my experience. Vulnerably sharing with a loving group of people who joined me in the sessions.

If you watch these recordings, please follow this advice:

In Steve’s own words: “Listen from the point of view of finding something that will be of value to YOU. Don’t listen to see if you agree with what’s said or not, or if you like me or not. And when you catch yourself agreeing or not agreeing, try to remember to go back to listening for something that will be of value in your life.”

When I visited Steve, I had a picture taken in front of The 11:11 Masterpiece Wall. I urge you to read the book in order to learn more about the background of this.

Deeply inspired by the sentiment and meaning of the project, I created my own ‘I am’ wall.

This contained my very own ‘I am’ statement’ – a piece I’d spent the best part of a year creating. I will share more about this soon.

And painted over it in my very own (colour matched) Complement Hot Pink…

A wall I now work in front of on a daily basis and where I do most of my coaching calls from.

A wall that is located in the heart of my home with its words at the centre and heart of me. 

A wall that is so much about me and who I am, and is right there, behind me, with me, supporting me to expand my state of being…

“Who you are being is everything” – Steve Hardison

With Love,

Rebecca x

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