Hi there, I’m Rebecca.

I help people just like you create a vision of what’s possible, to empower a purpose-driven life you’ll love.

I’m an influential creator. A coach. I am Little Miss World and a fabulous flamboyant flamingo. Hot pink is my colour (you may have noticed!)

My three beautiful boys keep my grounded. My Dad is my North Star. I sing for fun; I love fast cars. I am a thalassophile. Take me to the beach!

I create miracles in my life and support others to create them in theirs. I constantly challenge my own stories, making choices that support and serve me and the life I am creating for myself and those I care for.

I am learning to love myself and others unconditionally. I can help you achieve the same.

I am Rebecca.

If you’d like me to take you beyond your limits and help create the best version of you, drop me a line at rebecca@complementcoaching.com

Hope to meet you soon.

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