Beyond Limits Leadership Program

Most of us lead a life within the confines of comfortability. We understand our constraints and that’s okay by us. We get by, accepting challenges, perhaps even excelling at something along the way: education, sport, business. Some of us pick up awards, rise through the ranks, perhaps overachieve occasionally.

Of course, all of this is good and commendable. Life is content.

But what if we exceeded our expectations? Surpassed the norm, outstripped our shadow, and transcended the status quo. What if there were no restrictions to what we can do or who we can be? What if we chose to go beyond our perceived limits?

Pushing boundaries, challenging convention, confronting the difficult, are imbedded leadership qualities. The desire to smash perceived limitations is a trait found in all high performers, and it’s open to anyone who dares to be different. Maybe you share that mindset.

Why should I enrol on the Beyond Limits Leadership Program?

Beyond Limits is a unique and intuitive coaching experience that will push you beyond your perceived limits within the dynamic energy of a group. The program will empower you to be the leader you want to be and create the change you want to see.

Taking you:

  • Beyond what you have learned
  • Beyond what you know
  • Beyond what you believe
  • Beyond your own B.S.
  • WAY Beyond your own limitations
  • Beyond your Limits

Why not face your fears today and commit to going beyond your limits.

The Program:

  • 6 month leadership development program
  • Supportive peer group and community
  • Monthly group coaching sessions
  • Monthly accountability sessions
  • Additional bonus sessions in September for ‘Early Bird’ sign up before the end of August
  • Your investment is £2895 + VAT
  • What you need to bring is, your time, energy and attention.

If you want to take it to the next level, we have Beyond Limits GOLD (recommended):

To enhance your experience, upgrade to Gold and get all of this, plus:

  • Three individual coaching sessions within the 6 month program
  • These will help you to implement and integrate everything you are learning
  • Your investment is £4395 + VAT
  • You need to bring a little bit more time, energy and attention.

Made of stronger stuff? Then why not go all out and choose our Platinum level?

Your investment for this is £5895 + VAT.

You get all of the Beyond Limits program plus:

  • Six individual coaching sessions to support you for a full 12 months and incorporating the 6 month Beyond Limits program
  • This is the deepest dive combining the power of dynamic coaching with aligned action and accountability.

*If this is not a strong enough flavour for you, and you want more, speak to me about what else is possible.

We have also created bespoke in-house programs for clients for their senior and executive teams. If this is something you might be interested in, please get in touch.

“Rebecca is working with a team of my seniors on her Beyond Limits programme. I CANNOT recommend this HIGHLY enough” – David Stone, Chief Executive of MRL Consulting

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