Beyond Limits Leadership Program

Most of us lead a life within the confines of comfortability. We understand our constraints and that’s okay by us. We get by, accepting challenges, perhaps even excelling at something along the way: education, sport, business. Some of us pick up awards, rise through the ranks, perhaps overachieve occasionally.

Of course, all of this is good and commendable. Life is content.

But what if we exceeded our expectations? Surpassed the norm, outstripped our shadow, and transcended the status quo. What if there were no restrictions to what we can do or who we can be? What if we chose to go beyond our perceived limits?

Pushing boundaries, challenging convention, confronting the difficult, are imbedded leadership qualities. The desire to smash perceived limitations is a trait found in all high performers, and it’s open to anyone who dares to be different. Maybe you share that mindset.

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You only know yourself when you go beyond your limits. ~ Paulo Coelho

Would you like to find out more before you commit?

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Why should I enrol on the Beyond Limits Leadership Program?

Beyond Limits is a unique and intuitive coaching experience that will push you beyond your perceived limits. With the dynamic energy of a group collaboration the program will enable you to be the leader you want to be and the change you want to see. This powerful course will help you go:

  • Beyond what you have learned
  • Beyond what you know
  • Beyond what you believe
  • Beyond your own B.S.
  • WAY Beyond your own limitations

How much does Beyond Limits cost?

  • £2,400 + VAT for a six month exclusive leadership course, with just 8 people in the group.
  • This is a huge saving on the equivalent one-to-one coaching.
  • It can be paid in 2 instalments: £1,300 at the start, then £1,100 midway.
  • BUT if you do pay the full amount up-front we will throw in 2 BONUS sessions “Money Mindset” & “Gold”, free!
  • Early Birds signing up before the end of January will also benefit from the FREE BONUS sessions.

If you have questions about the course and would like to find out more before you commit, or discuss paying in instalments, click the ‘I have questions!’ button below and book a call with Rebecca for a chat – there’s no obligation.

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