You’ve given years of your life to your employer only to find yourself suddenly facing an uncertain future. Feeling burnt-out, chewed up and spat out, you’re not sure what next. But you do know you don’t want more of the same.

In the back of your mind there’s a dream you once had to step out on your own. Be your own boss. You’ve got some great ideas, purpose and passion but can’t quite put them into action and it all feels a bit scary…. ‘Forget it’ you tell yourself ‘It just won’t work’

Well, what if it did work?

How would it feel to be truly in control of what work looks like for you?

To work with people who ‘get’ you?

Nothing will change and you’ll never know – unless you try!

Evolve is a transformational programme that offers you the solution, supporting you to find all your own answers, along with the mind-set and confidence to follow through and get tangible results.

As established coaches with a breadth and depth of experience, Nicky Davies and I create a unique environment for aspiring leaders.

We facilitate a collaborative and supportive community for you, where you’ll have the opportunity to share and acquire wisdom, ignite ideas and inspiration, enhance your creativity and be presented with the solutions that have been eluding you. This is all underpinned by coaching from Nicky and I and the opportunity for engaging networking and support, throughout the programme and beyond.


  • Clarity about what you want out of the next chapter of your life
  • Exploring your why? What is the purpose, passion and values that will shape this
  • Perspective about what that looks/sounds/feels like in terms of income generating activity; and aligning this with your purpose, passion and values
  • Getting really clear about what you don’t want
  • Confidence in your strengths and the value you bring to any organisation whether as an employee / an external consultant, or something else
  • Developing clear value propositions
  • A personal brand that truly fits with you and your purpose
  • A robust campaign for reaching out to your network through connection and engagement
  • A 90 day plan of action and we hold you to account to deliver your vision

4 weeks in length inclusive of:

  • Exercises and templates work through individually
  • Weekly Interactive Group Calls of 90 minutess
  • Private Online Group for interactions between calls
  • Collective peer support and wisdom
  • A collaborative community to support, inspire and encourage individual aspirations

For more information about Nicky Davies go to http://www.nickyjdavies.com.

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