This is what Rebecca shared about her coaching …

“I am your coach and this is where we practice our game; where we bring all the component parts together,  use all the opinions, advice, strategies and tactics and we make them work for you.

We un-pick what is stopping you, we break down the barriers to progress, we unlearn the lessons that no longer serve you, we take a look at your bright spots, and we shine a light into the shadows to learn how to harness the power of both

We move away from competition and comparison, we move towards collaboration and connection.

I will push you when you have what you need to move forward, when you are in flow and can pick up the pace. With care and compassion I will call time on your BS and excuses, let you know when you are getting in your own way, AND I will guide you to know when you need to slow down and step back. The support is multi-dimensional, it’s human, it’s real and all in one place.

We’ll get clear on where you want to go, the changes you want to make AND we’ll stay open to changes along the way. We’ll welcome setbacks as opportunities, rejection as feedback, even if that is uncomfortable, scary and exciting all at once.

We’ll stay committed but not attached to the outcome, and we’ll be receptive to the many different ways we can get there.”

2020 was extremely challenging and by the end of the year, I was in a really bad place and out of ideas of how to keep the business going and more importantly, how to keep myself going. Then I found Rebecca… Rebecca has thought me how to approach and think about everything differently and as a result, she has given me the power to be a stronger, wiser & better person. Subsequently helping me to adapt this to my business has been game-changing.

Julia Fenwick at Bold Move
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