I want to say a massive thank you to Rebecca Shannon and to the One of Many community.

I don’t think I’d have met Rebecca if it wasn’t for the community. Our backgrounds are nothing the same but our thinking conjoins us.

If you need someone to have your back, someone with insight, intelligence, humour, and practical solutions and suggestions to your help guide you through your predicament, no matter what it is, you should reach out to Rebecca for coaching.

What she brings is…
1. Empathetic listening
2. Splitting the actual from the BS
3. Practical steps for you to help yourself out of your dilemma.

I don’t think it really matters what that dilemma is; her ability to carve the way through what’s important and what’s not is her skill.

If you’re thinking about it, do it! – Sophie, coaching client 2019

“Last year was a very challenging year for me in both my professional and personal life. I lost my father, my beloved pet passed away and I was made redundant.

Following a conversation with Rebecca, where she offered a more pro-active way to address the issues I had faced, I made the decision to work with her. With Rebecca’s help and guidance throughout this year, I now feel in a much better place to be able to cope with life’s ups and downs and what it has thrown at me.

Rebecca taught me to understand that you can be down and that is ok. The dark days will have a light at the end, the world isn’t against you and that you are you, and, that is ok. She has helped me to understand that the choices and decisions I have made, have really made me a Better Me, which is great.

I now have more tools to cope with what life throws at me.
I can reflect better before acting.
I now understand that other people’s views don’t have to impact me.
I can accept me for me.

It has been an amazing year working alongside Rebecca and I look forward to having many more years of Rebecca’s experience and guidance”.

Stephen, coaching client 2019

“Rebecca helped me to really live the changes that I needed. Before my coaching sessions I had the information, but lacked the tools I needed to embody the teachings and make a real lasting difference to my life. With a personal spotlight on my life for a few months I was able to see when things were going well… which were not always obvious to me until pointed out. This helped me to really see, appreciate and work more on the changes that I was making.” – Alex, coaching client 2018

“I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca for 2 years, primarily on a large scale implementation project and then some smaller scale projects. For me, it was a fantastic learning experience – her attention to detail (thinking of those small things that some of us would have missed), her knowledge and commitment but above all the air of total confidence and competence she emitted to our clients was an inspiration and I like to think I give a ‘bit of Rebecca’ now in the projects I run!” – Claire, nGage Recruitment Project team and friend

“I wanted to thank you for your time. I really enjoyed meeting you and found the workshop really positive. Katie and Karen were lovely too. The surroundings were fab. It felt very safe and relaxed.

It gave me a chance to voice some of the “muddle” in my head, hear that others struggle too and gave me lots to think about really in more than one area. I came away feeling very positive.

Trina, Life’s little tool kit workshops 2019

“Rebecca is practical, persuasive, focussed, inclusive, emotionally intelligent, articulate and an influencer and achiever. She is brave, tenacious and ‘Gets Things Done’. What a privilege to have worked with Rebecca”. – Duncan Director at Hays colleague and friend

“I would like to celebrate Rebecca Shannon who coached me last year and had a big impact on how I think, feel, live and work. She was amazing and gave me incredible support when I was vulnerable. Massive appreciation: the impacts are still flowing through my life” – Sarah, coaching client 2019

“I can honestly say I am totally amazed with how my life has and still is transforming since beginning a 12 week women’s empowerment coaching program with Rebecca. I have always lacked self confidence and had low self-esteem. Since beginning this life changing journey I feel absolutely fantastic.

Rebecca has been a truly amazing coach and believed in me from the start.
I felt able to talk to Rebecca with ease and she was outstanding in her approach. Rebecca has a kind and caring nature and is always full of inspiration and encouragement.

I certainly couldn’t have achieved all I have without Rebecca’s help, guidance and support. I now have a vision and love and value myself more. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone who wants to transform their life.

Karen, coaching client 2018

“For many years I have had the pleasure of knowing Rebecca as a work colleague and now as a close personal friend.

I have worked and met many talented people in my long career but it is rare to come across people who genuinely bring out the best in both parties.

Rebecca is naturally empathetic, curious, quick to understand the core of an issue and above all conscientious. One of the few people I know that make decisions based on what is the right thing to do as opposed to what is best for themselves.

What you get every time from Rebecca are ideas, alternate views, hard graft and no fear of change. All Rebecca’s thoughts, views and actions are then delivered in a clear, concise way with that all-important touch of humour when required.

Anyone who interacts with Rebecca will be the better for the experience.” – Andy Szkopiak, Director at Hays and friend

“I have known Rebecca for more than two decades in a professional capacity, across more than one organisation.

Her ability to communicate with all levels is both unusual and a true strength. Project management very often comes with significant cultural change management issues and the ability to see through the lens of the multiple stakeholders is a vital element to the successful delivery of any project.

Straight talking, honest and authentic are values that I personally hold dear and she has those in spades, all of which add to the ability to get to the crux of a problem and rapidly tease out a solution.

She also knows that there are things that she doesn’t know and she has deliberately sought improvement opportunities, both of a technical nature and around personal development. In my experience, people that are interested in continuous learning, even when they have significant career experience, are always the ones you want on your team. –Tim Cook, Group CEO nGAGE Specialist Recruitment and friend

Rebecca, is a consummate professional with extensive experience in personal branding, career coaching and general business consulting. Rebecca demonstrated extensive qualities as a personal brand manager and her understanding, market research and ability to think outside of the norm is outstanding.

Having now worked with Rebecca in her capacity as both a career coach and branding expert I was impressed by her ability to not only lead the discussion from a real world experience but to provide a clear analysis of the task at hand. I would certainly recommend her as a personal and business coach.

I could not have chosen anyone better to further educate me and strengthen my personal brand. Thank you Rebecca for your contribution to my brand and the enrichment of my messaging through your expertise – highly recommended.

Shaun, coaching client May 2019
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