The Retreat

Our retreat in September is now SOLD OUT! but we are already planning the next one for April 2023 – Book a conversation with me to claim your space!

Imagine a place so serene that the cacophony of your ordinary world dissipates the moment you arrive. A place where the air is fresh, water is crystalline, and sun-splashed olive trees whisper in the breeze “… exhale”. But also a place where as the sun resets in the morning, so do you. A place that stirs emotions, and reinvigorates your soul.

Well, this place exists. And it’s called Puglia, in the southern region of Italy’s glistening Mediterranean coastline. You’ll want for nothing, your every whim served with meticulous precision and a smile. 

Famed for its whitewashed towns and olive oil production, Puglia is a place of dreams. And because of all these things, I turned my vision into reality and made it home for my Retreat.

The Retreat is a life-changing experience for burgeoning leaders looking to forge a life with more purpose and fulfilment, a life where you are the creator of your own destiny, a life you will love.

We would love you to join us amongst the emerald mountains and sapphire sea, to reflect, refresh and go beyond limits. Working together we’ll challenge convention, explore what’s possible and make your aspirations a reality.

The Retreat runs three times a year and due to its exclusivity, has restricted spaces. If you’d like me to take you beyond your limits and help create the best version of you, or your team, let’s have a conversation.

“Fresh back from an Intensive / Immersive Residential Coaching Retreat in Puglia, Italy.

Because sometimes you need to change the vista & environment to really appreciate that what may seem ludicrously unobtainable in some respects, is actually within fingertip reach…

With thanks to Complement Coaching and the team at Villa Castelli for making this possible. Beautiful setting, exquisite cuisine & service, waited on hand & foot for 3 days, and – most importantly – world class intensive coaching from Rebecca Shannon and her team. What’s not to love?!

If you’re a Recruitment Business Leader – or indeed any Business Leader – and really want to get clear on what is attainable in your life & business and how to make it happen, give Rebecca a call and sign up for the next Intensive / Immersive Retreat.  (*Hawaiian shirts optional).

You can thank me later…!

David Stone, CEO, MRL Consulting

The Retreat Gallery

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