Feature on… Rebecca Shannon

By Simon Lewis, Members Only (MO) HQ (https://membersonlyhq.com/)

I didn’t know it then, but as those doors slid open, we were welcomed to something quite new. A chance meeting. Serendipity.

Lockdown forced enigmatic business leaders online and we didn’t like it. Endless hours spent in front of electronic gadgets, eyes going square, livelihoods defined by nimblest notions. Proactivity was the preserve of those in the know. Though few of us knew.

But support was on its way.

We needed, no, craved, smart, considered, objective view-points, signals from another worlds. But where to find it? Family? Home-schooling. Colleagues? Furloughed. Friends? Same storm, different boat.

When Rebecca Shannon first pitched up on my screen at one the regular MO meet-ups, I was unashamedly astonished: “I’ve not heard of you before now,” I exclaimed, “which is unusual.”

“Maybe that’s a good thing,” she replied. And there it was.

Preconceptions were soon to be broken. Minds reshaped.

Described as “infectious, collaborative and wonderfully insightful,” Rebecca has become a fulcrum of the MO network. Offering her wisdom willingly, she’s the bedrock all mavericks need in a sidekick, weaving her unassuming magic into conversations you never knew you started.


Because Rebecca can be transfixing. She’ll keep your eye on the prize. She’ll keep you guessing. She’ll keep you honest, engaged, and curious. All great leaders remain curious.

And like all the best coaches, Rebecca has led a flamboyant life, blending a varied and stellar career with recreational rediscoveries. Now I’ve never witnessed it, but I’m told she’s a Saturday night dance floor diva.

So if Rebecca ever discos past your door, open it. This could be your moment.

Supporting business is what MO does and we’re thrilled Rebecca has joined the journey. To see how she could change your game, take advantage of a no-obligation exploration chat by calling 07767 695757 or emailing rebecca@complementcoaching.com

“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.” Jay Danzie


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