I am Rebecca…

It’s great to meet you.

Okay, I’ll be straight: I’ve navigated some tough shit the last few years, which had made me commit to creating something different for me now and for my future.

At the age of 47 I went back to school.

I am once again a scholar. Pouring over the books, showing up to lessons, and developing skills to empower me to create the recreational and commercial changes needed in my life.

And I’m not just embracing the education, I am loving it. Because after the messiest of years, I am forging ahead with my passion to be the best version of me. Schooling helps me inspire my abilities as a coach, connector, community builder, mother, daughter, friend, sister, partner, and all the other roles I play in life.

I am being ME.

But who am I? I was asked this question by my coaches. And as I sat down to ponder the particulars, I noted how easy it would be to conjure contrived corporate crap. Which really isn’t my bag at all. So, I scribbled this:

I’m a powerful creator. A coach. I am Little Miss World and a fabulous flamboyant flamingo. Hot pink is MY brand, MY colour, and soon to be my kitchen!

I have three beautiful boys. My Dad is my North Star. I sing for fun; I love fast cars. I am a thalassophile. Take me to the beach. Life is a lobster. I create miracles in my life and support others to create them in theirs. I constantly challenge my own stories, making choices that support and serve me and the life I am creating for myself.

I am learning to love myself and others unconditionally.

I am Rebecca.

My passion for coaching is amplified because of my own tutors: Sam and Lisa. Their enthusiasm for teaching, for life, for business, for each other, for the school and for everyone they serve, makes it unthinkable for me to leave.

I feel challenged, supported, and loved. And that’s reciprocated. Sam and Lisa live their own lessons in self- mastery, coaching, business, and life and that’s the kind of school I will always sign up for!

All great leaders remain curious. And satisfying that curiosity involved learning. Development.

It’s education for personal evolution. School rules!

I am Rebecca. Who are you?

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