Rebecca’s Room LIVE: Beyond Limits Principles

I recently ran 2 sessions which covered the 7 principles of leadership, within my Beyond Limits program.

It’s an incredibly powerful program that I am deeply passionate about… 

The impact, value and results we are getting from the existing groups I am running, is incredible…

The principles we use as a guide are:

🔎 To be a leader you must first lead yourself
💭 Leadership is built with consciousness
💕 Bring yourself into everything that you do
🔥 Passion is energy
🎯 Focus on what excites you
🎁 Be open to receiving
🌐 To thrive we must be connected

These principles are not a rulebook and not in any way an exhaustive list.

One of the things I love in the work I do is to be open to different ideas.

This is an invitation to explore the principles in an open and expansive way.

Watch the videos below to learn more:

Learn more about my Beyond Limits Program.

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